My slimming world progress


I dont suppose il ever stop having ‘that look’ when I tell people I’m a nutritionist and I go to slimming world. I guarantee that in most cases the first question I get asked is; ‘if you know what to eat to not get fat why do you go to slimming world?’

The truth is I do know what to eat and what not to eat. iI know exactly what happens to that huge bar of galaxy I demolished in 10 minutes when it gets to each stage in its quest to be turned Into energy and fat. Does it stop me eating it though? No because it tastes good and I can not help myself. This is nothing to do with me being a nutritionist its to do with will power, self control ad greed.

I quickly realised that I needed support, that helping hand to guide me through the weight loss journey. When i walked through the door of slimming world back in January the fact id been here before and it went wrong still haunted me. That was before I started my degree though and this time I knew my waist circumference could cause diabetes and that my love of burgers could increase my chances of heart disease. This time is different because its not all about fitting into that bikini it was about me living a long and full life.

I stepped on the scales and when the numbers read 15.13 i felt like crying. Id left slimming world 2 years ago and put on almost 3 stone. It was the heaviest id ever been and I still haven’t shared that weight with anyone until now in this blog. Ashamed and scared I knew I had to lose this weight. I set an initial goal of 11 stone which would put me just in the healthy weight BMI category.

Im now 15 weeks in and I’ve lost 1 stone 9.5lbs. I post most of my meals on Instagram so I can keep track (follow me slimming_mum_student_bum) I don’t lose big amounts every week, thats just not me but every time I even think about bad food i think about diabetes, heart disease, cancer and not being able to dress how I want. i STICK TO PLAN AND IVE LOST ALMOST EVERY WEEK!! Im not saying its easy but as a parent and a woman who’s trying so hard to set out on a new career path i need to do this. I also think its a bit bad to advise people how to make healthy food choices and live an active lifestyle when I’m going home to eat pizza. Ive always struggled with my weight and that puts me in a better position to help others.

This is a full breakdown of what I have lost each week

  • wk 1 – 2.5lbs off
  • wk2 – 3lbs off
  • wk3 – 2lbs off*
  • wk 4 – 1lb off
  • wk 5 – 1.5lbs off
  • wk6 – 3.5lbs off
  • wk 7 – 1.5lbs off
  • wk 8 – 1.lbs off*
  • wk 9 – 0.5lbs off
  • wk 10 – 4lbs off
  • wk 11 – maintained/stayed same
  • wk 12 – 1.5lbs off*
  • wk 13 – 2lbs off
  • wk 15 –  0.5 off

* indicates time of the month, however there seems to be no pattern in me. Some women lose less weight but mine is pretty random.

Id say slimming world has taught me that even though I know scientifically an individual doesn’t need a lot of food, I was wrong to think I was different and I did. I now only eat when I’m hungry and only eat the amount I need to to feel full. If you want to see more of what kids of meals I eat I will be posting some more recipes on here. You can also search for me on Instagram as suggested above (slimming_mum_student_bum)  where I post most of my meals.

Its a hard journey and if you go to slimming world post some tips and comments in the comments section. If you don’t but are thinking about it you can post any questions here too.

Stay healthy xxx



Why did i go to university?

I had many reasons why I started university later In life and I’m glad i did. In no shape or form would I have been ready to go off to uni at 18. I wasn’t emotionally ready and would of probably found it too stressful and quit. Starting academic life at 30 hasn’t been easy, the daunting first day of walking into a huge building full of bright 18 year olds (or so I convinced myself they were all 18) was the scariest part of my life and I was certain I would fail and not make it past my first year. ID NEVER WRITTEN AN ESSAY IN MY LIFE!

Career change to fit my changing family

As I explained in my ‘welcome to my blog’ post my working life has been spend working in early years. I didn’t want it to be this way but being a young parent I needed a career to fit in with being a mum. Many parents go through the heartache of trying to do their best and balancing work with kids and childcare. The stress of arranging who will be home for your child at the end on the day is one that can really drag you down. Fortunately for me I’ve been lucky enough to have a great childminder, but when my third child came along I couldn’t afford this childcare any more so I gave up work to be a childminder from home.

When the now 5 year old started school I didn’t need to do this anymore so I wanted to go back to work, however my passion wasn’t in early years anymore. I wanted to help people who struggled with their weight like me, I wanted to work with food and advise people on healthier lifestyles.

Better future for my children

Ive always been a great believer in strong female leads and I’m motivated by powerful women. Having two girls myself i thought it was important to set a good example and show them that women can achieve good things in life if they work hard. I didn’t have great grades at school and although I had childcare qualifications I felt I could push myself and get a degree. when I applied for university I never thought id get in, although I never admitted it at the time. I worked hard and pushed the barriers and I did, i have a passion for nutrition and this showed.

Its not all fun and games

Many nights I’ve sat up until 3am to finish an assignment then had to get up and do the school run thats just how it goes. Watching the other students going clubbing and having a good time whilst your doing the washing and making packed lunches is also a bummer, and they don’t always get why you can’t go with them or why you have to work in the library when they are all chilling out, then in the school holidays ask ‘how come you’ve finished this essay?’ (because I knew the holidays were coming up and all il be doing is playing at the park and watching youtube). They also don’t get why you feel a bit miffed when they are moaning they are ‘too busy’ to get work done 🙂 but do you know what? its totally worth it. sure its hard but with a routine and determination you can do it. Showing my teenager my good grades and how I achieved them with hard work motivates him to try harder too. My girls also now know that just because they are girls theres nothing they can’t do to achieve their goals too.

Mamas easy beany ‘shepherds’ pie


Although it has plenty of vegetables in this ‘pie’ it was demolished by my kids. Ive added simple things like bagged casserole mix and carrot and swede topping (available from most supermarkets but i used Tesco) just to make it quicker. Ive also used spray oil and 5% mince to make it free on slimming world. You can use lambs mince to make it more authentic but this will add a syn value. Enjoy!

What you will need;

  • one white onion (finely chopped)
  • 1 tsp lazy garlic or chopped garlic
  • 500g of 5% minced beef
  • 1/2 pint of beef stock made up with 2 stock cubes
  • 1 tsp worcestershire sauce
  • 2 bags of bean casserole mix (so much easier than chopping yourself)
  • 500g of chopped carrot and swede either pre chopped or chop yourself
  • salt and pepper


  1. Pierce the bag of the casserole mix and place in the microwave for 15 mins. Meanwhile fry your onions in fry light with the garlic until soft. Add the mince and brown.
  2. Add the beef stock to the mine and onion mix, then add the bean mix and stir well. simmer and let the sauce thicken and vegetables all cook. Mine had carrots in so i waited until these were soft. add the worscestershire sauce and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. While the mix is cooking down cook the carrot and swede mix in the microwave until soft. Mash them with a potato masher.
  4. Once the mince mix is finished add this to an over proof dish then top with an even layer of the mash. Place in the oven for approx 20 mins but don’t let the top burn!

This made enough for 5 of us to enjoy on its own but to stretch further you can serve with salad or bead. If you liked or tried this recipe then please follow my blog and leave a comment 🙂