My bucket list

For those of you who don’t know a bucket list is its a list of things you want to do with/in your life before you kick the bucket (die). This has been a big trend of late and I have fully jumped on the band wagon.

When I  had my life evaluation just before I started university I realised that going to uni wasn’t the only thing I wanted to achieve in life so I drew up my bucket list. Some items on the list are major life goals such as get a degree, road trip in America, lose 5 stone etc and some are little things like listen to a David Bowie album or roll down a big hill with the kids. Some of the things I’ve already done but i wanted to document them to remind me.

If you want to make a bucket list you can add whatever you want, the thing is its your list and you can put whatever you like on it. My list currently has 123 things on it that I want to do and I’m pretty certain il add a few more before I pop my clogs.

So i wanted to share with you all the things i have done already on my list and ticked them off, as I said these are my things so yours maybe completely different. Because I’m a pretty poor student at the moment most of them are the littler things that I’ve done.

Number 8; Teach a class

On my placement last year and through my volunteering work I managed to achieve this. Teaching people how to cook from scratch is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Number 12; Watch the sunset on the beach

We did this in Spain last year me, ‘A’ and the kids. We ate a meal at the side of the beach as we watched the sun go down

Number 46; Stay in a 5* hotel

I did this on my second trip to London in 2007. Being a northerner London is pretty scary, so when I went on a work trip I jokingly asked my boss to book a posh hotel. Turns out no other hotels were available as it was a busy time of year so he had to book the 5*. It was heaven.

Number 47; Go roller skating

As a child I loved ice skating! Id never been rollerskating though until 2014 when my friend Julie took me. She plays for a roller derby team so I was nervous but I only fell once!

Number 49; Take a boat trip down the Thames 

Again this may seem normal to Londoners but it was something I wanted to do. I did on my first trip to London in 2005, and there was a free bar!

Number 51; Go to a music festival

Ive been to three, v98 (told my mother i was staying at a friends for the weekend, naughty). I went to Reading 1999 where i stayed for one night then came home due to my being very poorly after eating a dodgy burger. Then i went to Leeds 2000 which is where i got to see lots of my favourite bands of the time. Ive never been to a festival since.

Number 52; Visit a zoo

I’ve been to Chester zoo in 2012 and Yorkshire wildlife park twice. ‘A’ felt sorry for me as i never went to the zoo as a kid so he took me. I recently watched a documentary on BBC about zoos and I’m quite anti-zoo now so i don’t think il be visiting another.

Number 61; Make a cocktail

Ok so we’ve all made drunken cocktails at 1am at a house party but I’m talking proper cocktails to a recipe, real shaking and mixing. I did this last year on our holiday in spain. I made mojitos. Classy.

Number 69; See an elvis impersonator 

I totally love elvis i think he had one of the most powerful voices of all time. Some of my favourite memories are listening to him with my late nan. I can’t go see Elvis obviously because he died before I was born so I wanted to see an impersonator. I did, he was rubbish, like beyond crap!

Number 86; Have my picture in the paper

this happened as a child a couple of times, first time was me in a doughnut competition. I had to eat a doughnut without licking my lips. second time was meeting HRH Princess Diana opening a building, the third time was sat with Mr Blobby eating lunch. Enough said.

Number 91; Meet a royal

See number 86 above

Number 95; go on a steam train

We are fortunate enough to live near the worth valley steam train station but I didn’t go until 2006 when we took a 4 year old now 13 year old for a ride on the train. We would love to go again though!

Number 102; Shoot a gun

We went to a weapons and armour festival 2 years ago and they had a tent where you could go shoot tin cans with real guns. Very fun!

Number 106; Get a tattoo

flower top on my right arm when I was 18, hate it want it covered up.

Number 111; Eat in a fish restaurant 

Did this last year in Spain where I ate squid ink paella. It was pure black but very tasty!

Number 112; visit a farm shop

Ive done this a few times now but at the time of writing the bucket list i hadn’t. We have a lovely farm shop by us il have to log and show you.

Number 118; Sing on karaoke 

Went to a karaoke bar and sang my heart out 3 years ago. i can’t sing but it doesn’t mean i won’t. Ive since bought the 8 year old a machine so i can wail until me hearts content!

Number 124; See mariah Carey in concert

OMG my dreams came true when ‘A’ bought me tickets for my birthday this year. Totally amazing!!!!


And thats all I’ve done so far. I have exciting plans to tick a few more of the bigger things off this year. Unfortunately theres 2 I can’t do and thats See Michael Jackson live and see Whitney live. RIP guys you were legends.

Do you have a bucket list? Whats your favourite thing you have done on your bucket list?


Why did i go to university?

I had many reasons why I started university later In life and I’m glad i did. In no shape or form would I have been ready to go off to uni at 18. I wasn’t emotionally ready and would of probably found it too stressful and quit. Starting academic life at 30 hasn’t been easy, the daunting first day of walking into a huge building full of bright 18 year olds (or so I convinced myself they were all 18) was the scariest part of my life and I was certain I would fail and not make it past my first year. ID NEVER WRITTEN AN ESSAY IN MY LIFE!

Career change to fit my changing family

As I explained in my ‘welcome to my blog’ post my working life has been spend working in early years. I didn’t want it to be this way but being a young parent I needed a career to fit in with being a mum. Many parents go through the heartache of trying to do their best and balancing work with kids and childcare. The stress of arranging who will be home for your child at the end on the day is one that can really drag you down. Fortunately for me I’ve been lucky enough to have a great childminder, but when my third child came along I couldn’t afford this childcare any more so I gave up work to be a childminder from home.

When the now 5 year old started school I didn’t need to do this anymore so I wanted to go back to work, however my passion wasn’t in early years anymore. I wanted to help people who struggled with their weight like me, I wanted to work with food and advise people on healthier lifestyles.

Better future for my children

Ive always been a great believer in strong female leads and I’m motivated by powerful women. Having two girls myself i thought it was important to set a good example and show them that women can achieve good things in life if they work hard. I didn’t have great grades at school and although I had childcare qualifications I felt I could push myself and get a degree. when I applied for university I never thought id get in, although I never admitted it at the time. I worked hard and pushed the barriers and I did, i have a passion for nutrition and this showed.

Its not all fun and games

Many nights I’ve sat up until 3am to finish an assignment then had to get up and do the school run thats just how it goes. Watching the other students going clubbing and having a good time whilst your doing the washing and making packed lunches is also a bummer, and they don’t always get why you can’t go with them or why you have to work in the library when they are all chilling out, then in the school holidays ask ‘how come you’ve finished this essay?’ (because I knew the holidays were coming up and all il be doing is playing at the park and watching youtube). They also don’t get why you feel a bit miffed when they are moaning they are ‘too busy’ to get work done 🙂 but do you know what? its totally worth it. sure its hard but with a routine and determination you can do it. Showing my teenager my good grades and how I achieved them with hard work motivates him to try harder too. My girls also now know that just because they are girls theres nothing they can’t do to achieve their goals too.

Welcome to my blog

Hello! Welcome! And thank you for coming to visit my blog. This is my first blog post, sometimes it can be a bit tricky starting these things off but i thought id just let you know a little bit about me and why I am writing my ramblings on here.

First of all the title of my blog says it all, I’m a student, mum of three children and I’m on a mission to lose almost 5 stone. My three children are currently 5, 8, and 13 and I started university in 2014 after working with small children until id had enough :).  I also live with my other half, who on here will be known as ‘A’. We’ve been together for 15 years.

Life changes

Starting university at 30 was blinking scary, Id never even written an essay and everyone was going to be 18 (i was convinced), id be the oldest there. To be honest i didn’t think Id even be accepted but I was and since I’ve started I’ve loved it and made some great friends!

I can’t say i particularly enjoyed the staying up until 3am to get work done for a deadline then doing the school run the next day, or the rushing round trying to get all the kids to childcare before 9am lectures but i have enjoyed my course. Ive also enjoyed the confidence its given me and a whole new outlook on my life and where I am heading. Most of which I’m sure I will write about here.

weight loss journey 

University also made me realise I was unhealthy. I knew I was over weight but I never quite knew how serious it was, either that or i chose to ignore it. The story gets a bit strange when I explain I’m a nutrition student who goes to slimming world, but spending a lot of time as an adult on a ‘diet’ I came to realise that even though I knew what to eat to be healthy I just wasn’t taking my own advice. I knew what to eat but I needed support, I wasn’t going to get it from ‘A’ as he is slim and can eat what he likes, so i joined slimming world in January 2016 and I’ve never looked back.

Ive got almost 5 stone to lose and at the point of writing this post (4 months in to my journey) I’ve lost 1 stone 9.5lbs. Im not one for losing big amounts each week but i am averaging out at about 1-2lbs per week which is healthy.

So grab a cuppa, follow my blog and join me, ‘A’, the 13 year old, the 8 year old and the 5 year old on our journey through university, home life, weight loss and more. Its going to be a funny but rocky ride!